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hyperterm-snazzy theme for Xresources

Having recently discovered the Pure prompt for ZSH, I got hooked on this masterpiece by sindresorhus:

To get your prompt look like this you need to:

  1. install Pure for ZSH;
  2. install zsh-syntax-highlighting;
  3. install the right font (Menlo);
  4. get your terminal color scheme right (hyperterm-snazzy).

The first two steps depend on your current setup, so check out those projects for detailed installation instructions. Step 3 can be done in a few copy-paste commands:

$ mkdir ~/.fonts
$ curl -O ''
$ mv 'Menlo for Powerline.ttf' ~/.fonts
$ fc-cache -fv

Color Scheme

Next would be to get the color scheme right and using the font in your terminal. Unless you're already using HyperTerm, you'll need to configure your terminal colors manually. Here's the config for Xresources (change URxvt to any other terminal emulator you're using, e.g., XTerm):

Result: Pure awesomeness!



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